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Scenic cliffs and coastal landscape of Guadeloupe, Caribbean.

Guadeloupe is a French Caribbean island located within the Leeward islands, in the Lesser Antilles. As an overseas region of France the island is part of the European Union and the Eurozone, so the currency of the island is the Euro, and the official language is French, though most locals also speak Creole.

Other nearby islands which are included within the region of Guadaloupe are Marie-Galante, La Desirade, and Iles des Saintes. The islands were inhabited by Arawak people as early as 300 AD, the peaceful Arawaks were eradicated by the more warlike Carib people. In 1493 Christopher Columbus christened the island Santa Maria de Guadalupe, in honour of the Virgin Mary. Columbus was looking only for fresh water and didn’t leave any settlers on the island. From the 1600s through to the 1800s the island changed hands a number of times, finally settling in comfortably with France in 1946 and officially became an administrative centre of France in 1974.

Guadaloupe is known for producing great literature, and among its many celebrated writers and poets is Nobel Prize winner, Saint-John Perse. In addition to a profound appreciation of the written word, the island also has a rich musical culture and a deep appreciation for Football (Soccer) and has produced many talented performers and players. Beaches on Guadeloupe are beautiful and scenic. In addition to the lovely white sandy coastline, because the islands are volcanic, you will find some stunning brown and even black sand beaches. The interesting geography of the islands and beaches is due to the volcanic formation, and makes for great scenic photography and entrancing vistas.


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