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Dunns River Falls an extremely popular attraction on the island of Jamaica in the Caribbean.

The island of Jamaica was discovered by Columbus in 1494 and was settled by the Spanish in the 1500s. The Taino, who had been living on the island for centuries, were gradually diminished and mostly replaced with African slaves.

England took control of the island in 1655 and established cocoa, sugar and coffee plantations. When slavery was abolished in 1834, approximately 250,000 slaves were freed. Many of these freed slaves would become farmers. In order to maintain Jamaica’s position as leading exporter of sugar, indentured servants were imported from China and India.

The rich cultural experience of Jamaica can be attributed to the Taino, African, Spanish, Indian and Chinese inhabitants whose descendants have all influenced the flavours and sounds of the island. Jamaica gained full independence in 1962, though it remains a Commonwealth Realm. Jamaica is the third largest English speaking Nation in the Americas, however the musical Jamaican Patois is the common language of the people. The official currency is the Jamaican Dollar, however most businesses will accept US dollars.

The long and fascinating history of Jamaica makes it an interesting place to visit. From Taino artefacts dating from around 4000 BC, to the oldest Cathedral in the Caribbean, to the varied menu which includes Jamaican-Chinese cuisine, there’s something fascinating to be learned and experienced at every step.

Jamaicans are sports fans, with Cricket and Football (soccer) being widely played and watched. Jamaicans also appreciate dance, music and literature, placing a great deal of importance on the arts. This emphasis ensures that traditional music and dance have carried through the ages giving the island a beating heart and a kind of contagious creative energy. If you’re interested in a relaxing holiday where you simply lie on a quiet beach, it can be found. If you’re looking for an active holiday that would include zip-lining in the mountains and kayaking on rapids, Jamaica is a terrific destination.

The culture of Jamaica is warm and inviting, and there is a definite distinctive celebratory vibe that is hard to resist. The many different resorts and towns throughout this large and varied island mean there’s a destination in Jamaica to suit any traveller.


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