One hundred beautiful Caribbean villas and fourteen stunning Caribbean islands.


CARIBIQUE® Villa Rentals now has more than 100 beautiful Caribbean villa rentals for you to choose from. All of the Caribbean villas are available for rent “by owner” or authorized property manager. You can now also choose from no less than 14 stunning Caribbean islands.


The past 3 months has been a period of very significant growth for CARIBIQUE® Villa Rentals, during this time the number of Caribbean villa rentals available on our website has more than doubled! The most significant growth was in the number of Saint Martin villa rentals and we now have 21 villas listed for your vacation in St. Martin. There was also a significant increase in the number of Dominican Republic villa rentals and we now have 20 villas available in the Dominican Republic for you to choose from.


We also expanded into Grenada villa rentals, Montserrat villa rentals, St. Lucia villa rentals and St. John villa rentals in the US Virgin Islands. Additionally, we continued to further extend the selection of villas available in our existing destinations of Anguilla, Antigua and the Turks and Caicos Islands.


We anticipate further significant growth in the coming months particularly for Saint Martin, Sint Maarten, Turks and Caicos and the Virgin Islands. Our primary objective is to be able to offer you the broadest possible selection of beautiful Caribbean villas in all Caribbean destinations for your vacation.


Use our intuitive browse, filter, and search functions to find the perfect, private Caribbean villa rental for your perfect Caribbean holiday. If you have fixed vacation dates, simply use our availability search. You’ll be able to add and remove additional filters to dynamically refine your search results and you can choose as many features as you wish!