CARIBIQUE® Villa Rentals is committed to the continued development of our website. We have a long-term development plan and we always welcome your feedback and incorporate it into our development planning wherever appropriate and possible. After being online for almost 6 months, we implemented the first batch of changes just in time for Christmas!


The main changes are:


  • Everything is now just a little bit bigger and a little more spacious.
  • We’ve increased the size of all text just a little, but making it much easier to read.
  • The slideshow is now used to highlight and link directly to content on the website.
  • We’ve changed the name of the “FIND YOUR VILLA” search box to “AVAILABILITY SEARCH” to make the functionality more obvious. As always, you can add/remove filters for your search results, which will then be dynamically refreshed.
  • The presentation of the search results has been completely reworked making all information much clearer, placing more emphasis on the nightly rate and more highlighting of specials available.
  • When paging through the search results, each page is now gracefully positioned with the number of villas found and the current filters set at the top of the viewing window.
  • You can now click anywhere on a villa entry in the search results to go directly to that villa.
  • The photos at the top of each villa listing page are just a little bit bigger and bolder.
  • We’ve added a direct link to the availability calendar in the “GO TO” bar.
  • The villa owners and property managers are now able to control how many photo gallery thumbnails are displayed alongside their villa description. As always, you can click on any photo to open the photo gallery for the original, full-size photos.
  • We’ve also made visual improvements to the photo gallery itself by adding a border, clearer control buttons and more prominence for the photo captions. We will continue to encourage villa owners to upload large photos, because we know that’s what you really want to see and it’s also what the gallery was really designed for.
  • Sometimes the Google Maps images were taken before some of the villas were actually built or even before the road was built! If that is the case, villa owners are now able to add a short explanation just above the map.

We hope you’ll appreciate all our efforts to make CARIBIQUE® Villa Rentals even more intuitive and inspirational. We already have plans for further improvements in 2013, so please keep your feedback coming!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.