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A panoramic view of Maracas Bay on the island of Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean.

Trinidad was a Spanish settlement from the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1498, until the last Spanish governor wisely stepped aside in 1797 when the British sent in 18 warships. During the long period of Spanish reign in Trinidad, Tobago was passed from Spain to Britain, then to the French and Dutch and even to Courlanders!

Both islands were finally ceded to Britain and the country attained independence in 1962. Originally a sugar producing nation, Trinidad and Tobago are unique in the Caribbean for being a primarily industrial economy, heavily reliant on the petroleum and natural gas industries; as a result of this Trinidad & Tobago are one of the wealthiest and most developed nations in the Caribbean.

Also atypical to the rest of the Caribbean, the eco-system on the two islands more closely resembles that of Venezuela than its Caribbean neighbours. While tourism is a goal for the current Government, the focus is mostly on Tobago.

Trinidad has a soul that is all its own and is widely recognised as the home of steel-pan and soca music, and for the best and biggest Carnival in the Caribbean, which takes place on the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. A wild riot for the senses, Carnival is a hedonistic multi-day bash with lavish costumes, soca and calypso music performed by entertainers from all over the world. Tourists are welcome to take part in every aspect., and many travellers come for Carnival on Trinidad and then take several relaxing days on peaceful Tobago to recover. English is the official language of the islands, but the diverse ethnical groups present mean many other languages are spoken as well. The US dollar is widely accepted but the currency is the Trinidad and Tobago dollar.


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