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Beautiful Bottom Bay Beach lined with palm trees on the east cost of Barbados, Caribbean.

The island of Barbados, home of recording artist Rihanna, was uninhabited when the British colonised in 1627 and set up sugar plantations. Though slavery was abolished in 1834, the economy remained dependent on sugar, rum and molasses production. Independence was achieved in 1966, but the UK’s influence, along with that of West Africa, has permanently shaped the culture of the islands.

One of the larger islands of the Caribbean, Barbados is 166 square miles and has a current population of approximately 290,000. A relatively low lying coral island, the elevation rises slowly to create some rolling highlands in the centre of the island. Coral reefs ring the island creating terrific opportunities for snorkelling and SCUBA diving. The island is actually made up of two separate land-masses that merged aeons ago. This interesting geological anomaly has created interesting coral cave systems and underground lakes which provide a cache of pure fresh water, something usually in short supply within the Caribbean.

Islanders are colloquially called Bajan (pronounced Beige-un) or Barbadians, and although English is spoken throughout, the distinct dialect spoken among islanders is an important part of Bajan identity.

And near the top of the list of things Bajans are passionate about is cricket! Crop Over (or Harvest Home) is celebrated from June until August and is a traditional celebration of the end of the sugar harvest. Many islanders spend the entire two months celebrating and partying! Music is an integral part of life in Barbados, so the calypso competition during Crop Over is the most important event of the year. Aside from music, the Bajan people are passionate cricket fans. While visiting Barbados is a great idea all the time, you’re guaranteed an especially good holiday if you visit during Crop Over (or one of the annual music festivals) or a Cricket Test!


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